The best way to improve sex life for people on the wrong side of fifty

It is but obvious that as you age your organs will have gone through the wear and tear and be able to not perform as well as before. Sexual organs are not an exception and it is quite true that your sex life is one of the first things to get out of gear the moment you touch the wrong side of fifties. Fortunately, you can delay signs of ageing if you prudently follow the detailed steps given below to have hale and hearty sexual life. Urologists world over believe that the first problem that manifests itself in old age is the erectile dysfunction.

Men are embarrassed to discuss the problems in their sex lives:

It is a given thing that most men are extremely embarrassed when discussing things from their sexual life and they are not very forthcoming indeed when asked to address any kind of problem that they may be experiencing. The fact is that just like how a person goes for routine general check up,

An annual routine check up with the urologist or a family physician regarding the problems that you are facing in having a satisfactory intercourse is as much desirable as the former. Your physician may not be able to ask you each and every time that you visit him but you may be forthright

in your discussion and make sure to clear all the doubts that are clouding your thinking process and also giving you unnecessary stress. There may actually be no need to fret over anything for all that you know the problem may be a minor one and easily rectifiable with a good lifestyle hack or medication.


1. Get on the pills: Get on the pills:In case the dysfunction is popping up only recently, the first line of treatment that will be suggested by your family doctor or a trusted Urologist will be prescription Pills like Viagra, or Levitra which will help you increase you libido as well as last longer in the bed. There is absolutely no taboo in asking to prescribe these pills for you as having a great sex life is one of the ways to be in the pinkest of health.


2. Eat healthy: Eating healthy is most stressed when you are ageing and you also are beginning to feel it in the bedroom. Avoid eating food that will help you put on calories and strictly avoid carbohydrates and fats if you want to live longer and also stay fit.


3. Stay active: Cardiovascular diseases are the actual reason why older people begin to have erection problems. So, it is very important that you maintain a healthy exercise routine and as much as possible stay fit and active. For more details just visit this website.

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4. Setting time and priority for sex

It is of paramount importance that in the graying years you and your partner continue to foster your relationship and strive to set aside time and energy to be intimate and also have an active sex life. The longer you derive pleasures from this activity, the longer your life expectancy will be.

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5. Being open to your doctors

If you want your doctor to prescribe you the pills, let him make sure you can because there is a direct link between the heart and the sexual health of a person. You may ask him to prescribe the tablets for you without any hesitation though.

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6. Having the right attitude towards counseling:

Sometimes, the problems in your sex life may actually be a manifestation of the psychological problem that may happen at this stage of life. Do not ever hesitate to seek help or feel threatened to confess in case you feel that your problem may be attributable to some psychological reason.

7. Two way communication between the partners

It is important that you keep the channels of communication open with your partner and nurture and value her suggestions and wishes to have a more fulfilling relationship with her. While women look for a comprehensive foreplay, men at this age look for greater penetration and long lasting erection. It would be a great idea to talk to each other on this subject and determine a middle path that may work for both and also give both of them enjoyment till the hilt.